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What is TOSSLand?

TOSS Land is the largest portal site for Japanese education information. It was created by many members of T.O.S.S.(Teachers’ Organization of Skill Sharing). It was launched in April 2000 and it’s contents were created by the roughly 1,200 members of T.O.S.S. who worked on the project after school hours.

Now almost 30,000,000 people have accessed the Japanese version of TOSS Land and over 10,000 individual teachers URL are linked to TOSS Land.

This is the English version of TOSS Land. TOSS members are trying to increase the English language content of TOSS Land.

TOSS Land covers all fields of Education, including lesson know-how and school event guidance. TOSS also has children sites so that they can study and review at home.

According to the director of TOSS Mr. Mukoyama, the reason why he decided to lead the TOSS research group and take part in the construction of the portal is that the concept of the WWW is in complete accord with TOSS’ research -“shared wisdom from classrooms throughout the nation.”

Building and operating a vast education space on the Web is by no means easy. Even so, Mr. Mukoyama believes that TOSS members, who have followed TOSS’s principles, i.e., collecting, modifying, and spreading information from the front lines of education can manage it.

What is TOSS?
TOSS stands for Teacher's Organization of Skill Sharing, founded by Mr.Yoichi Mukoyama.
TOSS aims to compile teaching skills and useful methods for teachers. TOSS has seminars, workshops, and discussion circles to share teaching skills, analyse various teaching techniques, and think of effective new methods.
Yoichi Mukoyama
Yoichi Mukoyama was born on September 15, 1943 in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. He works for The Tokyo Institute of Teacher's Skill Sharing and the representative of TOSS. He is also a director of the Teaching Skill Researching Convention of Japan, a guest professor of Shanghai Teaching University, the chief editor of "Kyoshitsu Two Way" and "Kyoiku Talk Line".