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Mukoyama Spirit Katsuo Matsumoto Japanese/Elementary School/Learning the Point of View on the Story
TOSS Energy Education Kazuki Tani Social Studies, Elementary School, Energy Education
Physical Education Q&A Kazunori Goto Physical Education/Elementary School/Basic Athletic Game
Class of Ball in stufdy of basic movement Kazutaka Ban Physical Education/Elementary School/How to teach Basketball class
Sakai Method of Painting Handbook Masakazu Takahashi Art Class, Junior High School, Sakai Method of Teaching Painting
Nemoto Formula Physical Education Direct Teaching Homepage masao nemoto
Welcome to My Kyouiku Page Motokazu_Kawamura Japanese, Elementary School, The Tale for lower students
The Mukoyama Method of Teaching Math is very usuful Yoshihumi Inoue Mathematics/Junior High School/The Essence of Mukoyama Method
What is TOSS?
TOSS stands for Teacher's Organization of Skill Sharing, founded by Mr.Yoichi Mukoyama.
TOSS aims to compile teaching skills and useful methods for teachers. TOSS has seminars, workshops, and discussion circles to share teaching skills, analyse various teaching techniques, and think of effective new methods.
Yoichi Mukoyama
Yoichi Mukoyama was born on September 15, 1943 in Tokyo and graduated from Tokyo Gakugei University. He works for The Tokyo Institute of Teacher's Skill Sharing. He is also a director of the Teaching Skill Researching Convention of Japan, a guest professor of Shanghai Teaching University, the chief editor of "Kyoshitsu Two Way" and "Kyoiku Talk Line".